Friday, April 17, 2015

Late to the Party

Hello! Usually I post on a Sunday, Monday, or even a Tuesday, but this week I am showing up late to the party. One of the reasons for my tardiness is that I have been socializing like an extrovert. A proper let's-spend-time-with-people-ALL-the-time person. And surprisingly, I feel OK. Traditionally I get really tired and moody and need to spend two or three days alone if I see people too much. I'm wondering if the crash is just around the corner, daunting and inevitable, or if my tolerance has gone up! Either way, I'm riding this tidal wave of friend-time for all it's worth.

Since I last wrote, we've had two new people move into the flat. It's all temporary, but really fun! We've been cooking together, having silly dance parties in the kitchen; we've gone bar hopping, and out for coffee. The kitchen is dirtier, but my fun-meter has sky-rocketed.

I also went on a ski weekend adventure with Natalie and Helena! We had an amazing time. There were ups and downs, but like any ski trip, it was definitely worth it. Natalie and I stayed at a terrace at Isola and went to a hot tub, made dinner, and played Agricola (one of my favorite board games). Helena joined us on Sunday. The slopes were sort of slushy, because it's the end of the season, but it was VERY sunny and now I have an amazing face tan.

Next week we have final exams at uni, and then that's sort of it. We have to stick around to proctor exams, and I teach night classes, which run through May. But summer is fast approaching and I have a lot to look forward to! Beach errrrr day. Plus, visitors! Including a visit by Emma, one of my Parisian besties, and Wilson, a childhood friend from Finland. And then the traveling will commence!

Oh, and I'm moving to a new flat at the end of the month. April is always so hectic! As is May! Last year at this time I was doing a video every day challenge on my YouTube channel and filming "Seniors" with Jenna. And maple sugaring. And getting ready to graduate. It's weird to think about that... my life is so different now, and there is no way I could have known that I'd end up where I am today.

Have some pictures!

Selfie at Isola.


Taco night with the girls!

Throw back to this time last year at Poem & A Cookie Day, an English Honors Society event! Yeah..I think my hair has gotten better.