Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Update in Three Parts

Part I

I went to Italy to see Alessandro graduate from the University of Milan and got a sneak-peek of Italian living--of both family life and college-student life. It was really fun to walk around Milan, pick up some Italian words, and meet some of Alessandro's family and friends. And eat! I had some great meals in Italy, as you do, but I didn't get to try nearly as much as I would have liked to, so, basically, I have to go back...

One of the classic moments from this trip was after we'd all gone out to celebrate Alessandro's graduation. We'd been drinking and it was fairly late, and I was hungry. I suggested stopping somewhere to get kebab or fries--some sort of drinking food. But Alessandro's friend was like, "Oh, I'll just whip up some pasta when we get home." And she did. So there's Italy for you.

Me, Cyril, and Alessandro in Milan

Lake of Como

Hotdog encased in Italian bread

Alé chillin' with his degree

Hurt feet from walking the streets of Milan

At the graduation party

Part II

When I studied abroad in Paris, I had the wonderful luck of meeting some of the world's greatest people. One of these amazing humans came all the way from Brest (basically draw a diagonal line across France from Nice, and that's where you'll find Brest) to see me. Emma! We had a lovely time together--from exploring Nice, to celebrating Emma's birthday with brunch, to hanging out with some random animals at Parc Phoenix, to eating good food, and to some great nights out. I'm really glad we got the chance to reconnect and create some new memories together!

Birthday Brunch

Oh, hey, mini Statue of Liberty!

Random wildlife in Nice...JK

Typical Niçoise fare at La Tapenade
with Kristen

Paris sisters at Pub Quiz

Part III

I went to Dublin. It was pretty cool. The pride that the Irish have for their history, stories, language, drink, and culture really stood out to me. I felt so welcome and so a part of the city while I was there--so much so that I definitely want to go back. I traveled with Jenny, Helena, and Caroline and we had a lovely time going on a Literature Pub Crawl, as well as going to the Whiskey Museum, the Viking Museum, and a suburban town outside of Dublin called Dún Laoghaire, where we visited the James Joyce museum. We also had a good taste of Irish night life, in addition to trying some wonderful Dublin restaurants. This was an amazing holiday.

Welcome to Ireland. It's green.

What up, Oscar Wilde?

Jenny, Caroline, and Helena
outside of The Duke on our Literature Pub Crawl

Drinking Guinness at O'Neill's

Dún Laoghaire in the sun

That's what I've been up to. Oh, I also moved to a new flat, and have proctored some exams, and said goodbye to some lectrices. This is a whirlwind transition moment as my job is ending, adventures are just beginning, and the great beyond is utterly impenetrable. Hurrah!